Which housekeepers will be the best in 2019?

The top five housekeepers in the 2018 edition of The Washington Today are listed below, along with their respective housekeeping gifts.

(Gift list: Emily Laudrup)The housekeepers at the top of this year’s list are:Melissa Mott, executive director of the National Association of Housekeeping Programs, who spent three decades working as a housekeeper and a volunteer at hospitals, universities and schools.

(The Washington Post)She is the co-founder of The Homekeeping Academy, which trains and certifies more than 10,000 homekeeping professionals across the country.

She has trained more than 1,200 people in homekeeping and has helped them develop the skills they need to be successful.

(Housekeeping Academy)”I feel like I’ve grown from that experience, and I think that’s something I want to bring back to the profession,” she said.

“I think the housekeeping profession has gotten a lot better and a lot safer,” Mott added.

“It’s not just a hobby anymore.

It’s a business.

You can’t just go out there and do it because you want to be a homekeeping expert.”

(Housekeepers, a magazine of homekeeping articles, is a leading source of tips and resources on housekeeping.

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