Which Housekeeper Denounces She’s “Shaming” Her Own Family

HANOVER, N.H. — A housekeeper from an Orange County, California, house called her own family and called the cops on them over her racist and homophobic behavior, according to an article published by the Orange County Register.

The article, titled “A housekeeper is under fire after her family called police on her over racist and abusive behavior,” also describes how a neighbor’s son threatened to call police against his mother because she was “shaming” his family.

The housekeeper said her family has been called out for racism and hate crimes, but refused to do anything about it.

In response to the incident, the family contacted police and they said that they could do nothing.

The story has been removed from the Register, but has since been reposted on the website of the Orange Register.

According to the article, the housekeeper called her parents and her brother-in-law and asked them to call the police because of the racism and harassment she was receiving.

The family had to cancel their plans to visit their relatives in a nearby town.

“It’s a very emotional thing,” the housekeepers daughter told the Register.

“My dad has to go through his own trauma, he’s scared to go to his dad’s house.”

Her husband, who has been working in the home for almost five years, told the paper that his wife’s mother was “the worst person to call” after the racist slurs came her way.

“She was the most racist person, and the worst to talk to,” she told the newspaper.

“They’re calling us names, they’re threatening to call law enforcement, they don’t know what they’re talking about.

My wife and I are afraid to go outside.

My family can’t go outside.”

The article also explains that the homekeeper is now being harassed by people who are angry that she is “shamed” for her behavior.

She has even received death threats, she told ABC News.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department told ABC that they are “actively investigating” the incident.