Watch how to make a housekeeping robot in 5 easy steps

What to expect: How do you make a robot that can keep housekeeping chores at a minimum?

With some basic tools and a bit of programming, you can make a very basic housekeeping machine.

However, if you want to really go all-out, you could build a housekeeper robot that is able to keep your house in pristine condition for up to four months.

First, you need to figure out what your job is.

Your job is pretty straightforward, as it involves helping out with the cleaning of your home.

Your robot will clean the home and will do so by cleaning things like furniture, floors, walls, and other things that may or may not have been there before the robot was built.

Once you figure out the tasks you want your robot to perform, you will need to set it up so it can do them properly.

Here are the steps you will be taking to set up your robot: Get a Raspberry Pi Zero and a USB keyboard and mouse.

You’ll need these to connect to your robot.

Once these are installed, connect your Raspberry Pi to your computer using USB or Ethernet.

Make sure you have the latest version of Windows installed.

For Windows 7 and up, download the latest Windows Update for your computer.

You can download Windows 7 Update for Mac or Windows 8.1 Update for Linux.

Make a folder on your computer called Robot and add a folder called Robot.

In the Robot folder, create a folder named Robot.ini and put in the following lines: [ROOT] [ROOTS] /home/raspberrypi/home/pi/Robot/home_pi/[ROOT_NAME] /robots/home /home_device/home The [ROOST_NAME][HOME_POOL_ID] is the name of the Robot Home Directory.

The /home directory can be created from a folder that is already created in the Robot directory.

Make another folder called Home.

The [HOME_NAME], which is the root folder, is the home directory for your robot (which is where the home folder on the Raspberry Pi will be).

In the Home folder, add the following: /home /robot /home1 /home2 /home3 /home4 /home5 /home6 /home7 /home8 /home9 /home10 /home11 /home12 /home13 /home14 /home15 /home16 /home17 /home18 /home19 /home20 /home21 /home22 /home23 /home24 /home25 /home26 /home27 /home28 /home29 /home30 /home31 /home32 /home33 /home34 /home35 /home36 /home37 /home38 /home39 /home40 /home41 /home42 /home43 /home44 /home45 /home46 /home47 /home48 /home49 /home50 /home51 /home52 /home53 /home54 /home55 /home56 /home57 /home58 /home59 /home60 /home61 /home62 /home63 /home64 /home65 /home66 /home67 /home68 /home69 /home70 /home71 /home72 /home73 /home74 /home75 /home76 /home77 /home78 /home79 /home80 /home81 /home82 /home83 /home84 /home85 /home86 /home87 /home88 /home89 /home90 /home91 /home92 /home93 /home94 /home95 /home96 /home97 /home98 /home99 /home100 /home101 /home102 /home103 /home104 /home105 /home106 /home107 /home108 /home109 /home110 /home111 /home112 /home113 /home114 /home115 /home116 /home117 /home118 /home119 /home120 /home121 /home122 /home123 /home124 /home125 /home126 /home127 /home128 /home129 /home130 /home131 /home132 /home133 /home134 /home135 /home136 /home137 /home138 /home139 /home140 /home141 /home142 /home143 /home144 /home145 /home146 /home147 /home148 /home149 /home150 /home151 /home152 /home153 /home154 /home155 /home156 /home157 /home158 /home159 /home160 /home161 /home162 /home163 /home164 /home165 /home166 /home167 /home168 /home169 /home170 /home171 /home172 /home173 /home174 /home175 /home176 /home177 /home178 /home179 /home180 /home181 /