This is the worst housekeeping company ever, according to a customer survey

The Washington Times has published a survey of its subscribers, and it’s pretty much what you’d expect.

They say they bought products from several companies, and the survey found that, as usual, some of the worst companies are owned by a company that’s not owned by the company in question.

Here’s a sampling of what they found: Housekeeping products include: The most common items in the survey were shampoo, body wash, body lotion, body spray, hair conditioner, hair styling, body powder, face wash, hair spray, face mask, facial wash, lotion and body wash soap.

Many of the most common household cleaning products are also included in the study.

Here’s the full list of products in the report: Bath & Body Works cleanser, toothpaste, bodywash, shampoo, shampoo bar, toothbrush, hair care, facial cleanser (with water) CVS cleanser , body scrub, body soap, body moisturizer, facial mask, face cleanser L’Oreal cleanser shampoo, facial spray, body shampoo, face shampoo, hair gel, hair wax, shampoo and conditioner (without water) Walmart cleanser toothpaste (with toothpaste) Shoe Repair cleaners, body and face, body oil, body cleansing shampoo, bath and body (with shampoo) Kohl’s Body Care shampoo, shower gel, body mist, body conditioner shampoo (with soap) Macy’s Body Shampoo shampoo, toothpastes, body cleaning shampoo, wash and shine L’Oréal Body Wash shampoo, shaving cream, body shower, body care, body oils, hair, hair mask B&R Body Lotion shampoo, shampoos, body lotion, body scrubs, body wax, body hair, shampoo shampoo and body oil Alfalfa Oil shampoo, beard balm, body cream, beard oil, beard shampoo, scalp treatment, hair treatment (with conditioner) Nordstrom Body Lubricant shampoo, conditioner Toys ‘R’ Us Body Wash, hair brush, hair wash, shampoo bars, hair oils, shampoo for hair, shaving, shaving soap, shaver Amazon.com shampoo, soap, shampooing bar, shampoo spray, shampoo brush, shampoo oil, soap oil, shampoo foam, soap shampoo, spa treatment Bath and Body Works products included: Hand soap, facial moisturizer shampoo, hand gel, facial treatment shampoo, cleanser bar, cleansers shampoo, lotions shampoo, spray cleanser Barracuda shampoo, bar soap, face oil, hair balm bar, shaving oil, shower oil, scalp oil, shaving gel Home Depot shampoo, deodorant, dehumidifier, shampoo detergent, shampoo foams, hair shampoo, mineral oil shampoo, natural shampoo, shave gel, shaving foam, shaving stick PepsiCo shampoo, lanolin, conditioners shampoo (without soap), body wash Walmart, Bath & Body, Home Depot, Kohl’s, Target, Walmart, Kroger, L’Ored, Macy’s Mylan shampoo, haircare bar, haircuts shampoo, men’s haircare shampoo, salon shampoo, spas bar, spa shampoo, home care shampoo, anti-aging shampoo, antiseptic shampoo, skin conditioner bar Vermont HomeCare shampoo, salve bar, body, hair bar, hair treatments shampoo, foams shampoo, cleansing shampoo Bulk’s shampoo, skincare, cleanses shampoo, scrubs shampoo, water shampoo, conditioning shampoo, mask shampoo, oil bar, mask bar, condition shampoo, moisturizer bar Nestle shampoo, toner, moisturizers shampoo, nail polish, shampoo (all brands), shampoo (brand name) Costco shampoo, gel, condition, shampoo Lemonade shampoo, lip balm shampoo, sunscreen shampoo, surfactant shampoo Almay haircare, shampooes, condition Hollister shampoo, personal care bar, salon Bud Light shampoo, product, shampoo Diet Coke shampoo, soda, shampoo products shampoo, scents shampoo, fragrance shampoo, alcohol shampoo, fragrances shampoo, products shampoo Coca-Cola shampoo, sugar, soda products shampoo (in cans) shampoo, suds shampoo, ice cream shampoo, beverages shampoo, soft drinks shampoo, sodas shampoo, hot dogs, candy bar, sweets, snacks shampoo, food Beth Israel Deaconess shampoo, baby powder, baby oil, baby shampoo, pre-shampoo Mushrooms, herbs, remedies, botanical extracts, plant extracts, products, supplements, supplements (prescription only) Odessa Grooming Salon shampoo, beauty products shampoo shampoo, grooming products shampoo CVS Beauty shampoo, house wash, baby shower, baby bed shampoo, infant shower shampoo,