‘I’ll be home for Thanksgiving’ after holiday home collapse


It’s been a rough year for housekeepers, and even though Thanksgiving has been postponed, they’re still struggling.

Here’s what to expect this week.


A NEW HOUSE: The housekeeping magazine Home Care Magazine said it expects sales to drop 2.5% this year compared to the same period last year.

That would put it in the middle of a 3% decline, according to its data.


HOUSEHOLDSHIPS FALLING: The American Society of Homekeeping reported the number of houses in use declined for the first time in two years in November, the first decline since 2013.

There are 1.2 million people working as housekeepers.

2,500 of those jobs require a bachelor’s degree or higher, according the ASHME.


A BOUGHT-UP HOUSE: Many of the new homes are in the suburbs, where prices are higher.

But many of them are built in the last few years and require new plumbing and electrical systems, the ASI said.

It added that the numbers of people who are in their homes because of home repairs are “not large enough to offset the current low prices.”


HOUSEWIFE REVENUES ARE DOWN: Home-care costs were down about $4,000 in 2016, the lowest decline since the Great Recession.

But the ASHE said the number is down by nearly $2,000 from the previous year.

The ASHMA also said the median salary is $50,000 less this year than last year, compared with $58,000 for the same job in 2016.

The median home price fell $5,500, but it’s still $100,000 higher than the average for the last three years.


HOUSEKEEPING EXPENSES ARE LOW: The average housekeeper is making $16,000 per year, the highest rate since 2008.

That’s about a 10% increase since the recession.

The average cost of a home, however, is up by about 20%.


HOUSEHIPS GETTING MORE DIFFICULT: Many new houses require major renovations.

Some require more than $100 million in renovations, the largest amount of any house in history.

The number of new home buyers who want to buy a home is on the rise, and the ASHAM said the rate of home sales is on a rise as well.

It also said that home prices are rising faster than incomes.


HOUSESHEELS ARE ON THE FALL: Many home-care workers are going out of business.

Some are quitting in droves.

In addition, more than 30% of all housekeepers are making less than $60,000 a year.

This is a higher percentage than in 2012.


HOUSE HISTORY IS TURNING: The ASHAMM reported that the number one reason people are moving out of the country is the lack of housing supply.

Home prices are up about 2.8% this fall compared to last year’s rate.

The rise in prices has made it difficult for many people to find a home.


HOUSECARE PRICES INCREASE: The AP reported that prices for home care services are on the upswing.

The American Association of Home Health Technicians said this year’s annual report showed a 5% increase in home care sales.


HOUSELIFE INFLUENCES HAVE RISEN: Housekeepers are being targeted by unscrupulous people who use their work as a vehicle for financial gain, according as ASHAME.

The agency also noted that many housekeepers were left without a home after they were fired.


HOUSE HEALTH PRICES GO DOWN, BUT STILL GO UP: There’s a lot of work left to do to keep housekeepers happy and paying bills, the ASPHME said.