How to spot the new housekeeping assistant

There is no shortage of new hires at the Indian National Health Service, including nurses and housekeepers, as the government ramps up the push to create a new generation of home health care workers.

The government has hired more than 5,000 housekeepers in the past six months, nearly doubling the number of positions in the last two years.

But for the new workers, it is a struggle to find a steady job, as many of them have no formal training and are not certified.

The new housekeepers are also often forced to make their own work spaces, according to one of the new hires.

“We do our own work.

I have to clean and pack our own food.

I don’t have to do anything,” said one housekeeper.

The HR department has also started to recruit more housekeepers from the private sector, with about 2,000 job postings posted online since January.

But the new employees, who are mostly female, face a long wait for work.

Some are now finding it harder to find steady work, as some companies do not want to hire housekeepers who may be considered overqualified.

“If someone does not have experience in the field, then it is not a good idea for them to go to work.

That is the case even for the more experienced staff,” said the housekeeper who did not want her name used.

The HR department says the job posting is open for six months and it is looking for more housekeeping assistants.

The move is a big boost for the Indian economy, which has been struggling to get back on its feet after the shock of the 2008 global financial crisis.

But some of the latest hires have raised questions about the quality of the work and whether the new homekeeping assistants are being paid fairly.

India has more than 1.5 billion people, which makes it the world’s third-largest economy.