How to save money on healthcare services in Kerala

The healthcare expenditure of the state has risen by 8% this fiscal year.

The state has a GDP of Rs 1,000 crore.

But it is also spending Rs 100 crore on the healthcare infrastructure and Rs 100.8 crore on services, according to an analysis by the Economic Survey Institute.

In fact, it has spent Rs 100 crores on the health infrastructure andRs 100.4 crores for services in this fiscal.

The expenditure on services and infrastructure has been raised by Rs 50 crores from the previous year and is a mere Rs 5.7 crores.

The expenditure on healthcare infrastructure is Rs 50 crore in the year 2017-18.

In 2019-20, it had raised Rs 50.8 crores in this regard.

The increase in expenditure in the current fiscal has been brought down to Rs 20 crore in 2020-21.

The analysis of the Kerala government shows that the total expenditure on health infrastructure is higher in 2019-2020 than the previous two years.

However, expenditure on service is higher, and the increase is only Rs 50% from the current year.

The analysis of expenditure on the state health infrastructure shows that it is Rs 100 per person.

This is a huge jump from the expenditure of Rs 20 per person in 2019, the same year.

It is also a huge increase from the Rs 50 per person expenditure in 2019.

The report said the expenditure on care services was Rs 4.7 crore in 2019 and Rs 2.7 lakh crore in 2018-19.

However in 2019 the expenditure was Rs 2 crore.

In 2020-22, the expenditure has increased to Rs 4 lakh crore.

The amount of expenditure is Rs 3.8 lakh crore compared to Rs 2 lakh crore the previous fiscal.

The state government has spent over Rs 100,000 crores over the last two years on health services, it says.

The Kerala Government has spent more than Rs 100 lakh crores this fiscal on healthcare.

However, in the first three years, the state had spent Rs 90 lakh crore on healthcare and Rs 25 lakh crore for other services.

In the second three years (2019-20), the state spent Rs 75 lakh crore and Rs 15 lakh crore respectively.

This time, the Kerala Government spent Rs 70 lakh crore, which is Rs 25 crore less than the Rs 25.5 crore the state expenditure on social security.

The Kerala government has been spending more than 10% of the budget on healthcare facilities.

It spends around 7% of its budget on the facilities for healthcare.

The other two sectors, education and the public sector have not received any government subsidy.