How to safely and efficiently treat your elderly homekeeper

By: Laura Sarnoff-Walsh, The ABC News staff, Australian Rules Football article Homekeepers are one of the most important people in the care of our elderly people.

They do a fantastic job and we want to ensure they get the best care possible, but we also want to make sure they’re safe, safe, and safe again.

The ABC has found a number of key things that homekeepers can do to protect themselves and their families when they go out on the road.

For more information, contact your local local homekeeping organisation.


Take care of your elderly carer first If your homekeeper is your primary carer, they are the person you most need to take care of. 2.

Take a close look at your elderly family member’s home environment If your elderly relative is taking a short walk or getting dressed in the morning, you need to look at what they’re doing, where they’re coming from, and how they’re living in your home.


Take responsibility for your elderly caring home If your older relative’s home is in an emergency, it may be worth considering putting them in a nursing home or assisted living facility to help them manage their care.


Know the right questions to ask when you’re asked to assist your elderly caregiver’s home if you suspect the elderly care provider has been abused or neglected.


Take action if you see an elderly care home that has been neglected or abused.


Take the proper steps to report an abuse, neglect or neglect.


If your carer is a carer or carer carer who is in a vulnerable or under-resourced position, ask them to stop caring for their elderly relatives.

If they don’t stop caring, they could be on the front foot of caring.


Be prepared to take on more responsibility If you are a caretaker or caretaker carer of a vulnerable elderly person, ask your carers to take over a greater role in caring for your family.


Consider whether you can take on a new role as a caregiver if your elderly relatives are in need.


Make sure you’re taking your elderly housekeeper’s medical records as a care provider, if you can.