How to manage your naughty housekeeping tools

New York Times bestseller Naughty Housekeeping toolboxes are here to help you manage your housekeeping chores.

Here are the key tips to help save time and money.


Start small: Choose a couple of items you can manage.

If you need a vacuum cleaner, take a look at the vacuum cleaner reviews on Amazon or eBay.

It’s not the most accurate way to choose a vacuum, but it’s a good starting point.


Use an inventory: If you’re going to spend money on a new appliance, look at your current needs.

If there are other items that you might be able to use, try to find some ways to save money.


Choose your item: The more items you have, the easier it is to budget.

The more you have in your home, the less you have to pay for them.


Don’t spend on things you don’t need: Some things are just worth it to you.

Try to buy things that you really need and then spend money.


Consider a budget: When you buy a new kitchen appliance, think about the savings you could get on your bill by using it for other household tasks.

This will help you to save more.


Make your budget work for you: Make sure you have some money in your bank account and you can always use it to save.


If your budget is tight, ask for help: If your money is tight and you don, say so.

If it’s okay, ask your nanny, friend or neighbor for help with your budget.


If a budget isn’t available, try out a budgeting app: If an online budgeting program doesn’t work for your budget, try a budget software.


Set goals: Set a goal to get things done.

You can’t do this by yourself.

You need to work with someone else to accomplish your goals.


Keep your finances organized: Keep track of your money, your expenses and your savings.

It helps you to understand how much you spend each month.