How to make your salary soar with housekeeper salaries

Average housekeeper, the person responsible for feeding the family and maintaining the home, can earn anywhere between €100,000 to €150,000 a year.

But if you want to make the most of this position, the pay can go up a lot.

Here’s how to make €100k+ a year!

Housekeepers in the UK earn an average of €110,000 per year.

The Netherlands, France and Italy have the highest salaries.

Average salary for housekeeper in the Netherlands: €110k*(source: Eurostat)Average salary in the United Kingdom: £100k*The Netherlands, which has the highest per capita income in Europe, is the country that pays the highest housekeeper pay.

The country has the lowest salary of €15,000.

Italy pays the second highest housekeeping salary at €100 per hour, and the lowest of €30 per hour.

Average housekeeper’s salary in France: €60k**Average salary of a housekeeper on the street in France, €60,000*(Source: Eurostats)Average housekeepers in Germany: €50,000Average salary per householder in Germany, €40,000(Source – Eurostat.)

Average housekeeping pay in the US: $100K*Average householder pay in America, $70,000The Netherlands is the most popular country for housekeepers to live in.

The salaries are also highest in Spain and Italy.

However, in many other countries, housekeepers are paid less.

In France, the average salary is €45,000, whereas the salary in Italy is €40 per hour on average.

Housekeepers are considered part-time workers and are paid the minimum wage.

The average salary in Spain is €37,000 but that is only around half of the average for all workers.

The Netherlands pays a salary of around €70 per hour to housekeepers.

Average housekeepers earn around €50 a day.

Average householders in France pay a wage of €40 an hour, but average salary of £20 a day(Source : Eurostat).

Average household salary in Germany is €80 per hour and average salary per worker in Germany (€100) is €90 per hour.(Source: Euromonitor International)Average household wages in Spain: €75 per hourAverage housemaid salary in Britain: £30*(from Eurostat, Eurostat data)Housemaid salaries are much higher in Spain than in other countries.

Average salary in England is £35 per hour with an average salary for a housemaid of around £30 a day.(source: UK Office for National Statistics)Average wage of a householder paid in Spain, €30 a week.(source : Eurostats).

The average housemaid in Spain earns around €45 per day, which is around €8.50 a night.(Source : Euromonitors International)The average householder salary in Greece is around £35.60 per day.

The average salary paid in Greece to housemaids is around 50,000 euros.(Source Euromonitions International)Housekeepers’ salaries are often lower in Greece than in France and other European countries.

Average wages in France are around €30 and average housekeeping wages are around around €20 per hour in France.(source Euromonits International)*This figure is based on an average hourly wage for a full-time housekeeper.

The wage varies depending on factors like hours worked, the number of children in the household and the age of the housekeeper.(Source Eurostat and Eurostat-Italy)