How to keep a house in your apartment without leaving your pets in danger

The story of Heathers, a cat-friendly hotel in the heart of Brooklyn, started on a dare to keep its guests safe while they slept.

But it’s only been around since January when a couple of young kids started calling for a cat cafe.

The cafe has since opened, and Heathers is one of the most popular.

It’s a big draw, says Heather, who has been living with her cat, Kitty, since they were 13 months old.

“It’s not just for cat lovers, it’s for anyone who wants to have their pets safe.”

And now, she says, there’s another reason for the cafe’s popularity.

“We have cats everywhere in our apartment,” she says.

“But we have one little girl in the apartment, and I just wanted to have a cat for her to be comfortable in.”

But while Kitty loves to curl up on her bed with her kitty litter box, Heather says Kitty’s most comfortable spot is on the ground in the corner.

“She will come out of her crate and get on the carpeted floor, and just fall asleep in a heap,” she explains.

And it’s no secret that cats can be a bit tricky to keep safe.

“I know I’m pretty good at keeping my cats out of the bedroom, but sometimes they can be very stubborn,” says Heather.

“You have to be extra careful with them.”

She recommends pet-proofing all her rooms, as well as making sure she has a cat bed, a cage, and a crate that’s dishwasher-safe.

“If you’re a cat person, you can live in the house with your cat,” says Kitty.

“No one can mess with that.”

But Heather also warns that a cat that is fearful or aggressive can make a lot of noise, causing problems for other cats.

“When you have cats, they have their own instincts, and it’s really hard to control them,” she adds.

So, Kitty and her litter box are part of the problem.

And that’s why Kitty and Heather are now asking their guests to make their home a little more cat-safe and cat-like.

“The cats in our home have to go to a special room with a special key to make it so they can’t go out into the yard and be aggressive,” says Cat Housekeeping founder Heather Graham.

“So the key for our cats is on a little little cat bed.

And they’re just too scared to go into the room and be in that situation.”

And it looks like Cat Housekeeper’s Kitty has been doing just that.

“Kitty has gotten in her crate, and Kitty’s been sleeping in it,” Heather says.

That’s when the owners noticed something was off.

“There’s a lot more scratching going on, she’s got her feet on the floor,” Heather explains.

“And when Kitty is lying down on the bed, she doesn’t have her claws all the time.

She’s got a big claws, but her claws are just really long and they’re really sharp.

And so when Kitty goes to sleep, she has to go and pick her claws up and hold them in place.”

And when Kitty does wake up, she does it again, only this time, the claws aren’t on the same level.

“They’re not sharp enough,” says Graham.

When Kitty gets upset or she runs away, it can be hard to get her back to sleep.

“That’s a problem with all cats,” says Claire, Heather’s cat owner.

“Especially kittens.

The claws are really sharp and you just have to hold on to them.

They don’t get enough rest.”

When Kitty and the rest of the cats do have a little rest, the owners have to make sure they give them plenty of treats.

“Cat food is so important for our pets,” says the owners.

“Most cats are really shy.

If you don’t give them enough food, they’re very afraid to come out.”

And then, of course, there are the daily challenges of keeping Kitty safe and healthy.

“With a cat, it just takes a little bit of time,” says Shannon.

“A cat has to be calm, it has to have its own space.

And Kitty is not comfortable being on her own in a room with other cats.”

And sometimes, she can be too scared, even to come outside.

Shannon has a few tips for keeping Kitty secure in the room, but for now, the biggest challenge is keeping her safe.

Shannon says Kitty can be really aggressive.

“For a cat to be aggressive, they need to be very strong.

They need to have lots of food in their stomachs and they need a lot.”

And that means the cats need a place to sit, something that’s comfortable and easy to see.

Shannon also recommends getting a cat crate for the cat to use.

But that doesn’t mean the owners can just leave the cat alone in