Housekeeping job: $32,600 in the red

A new study from the National Association of Housekeepers shows that the median wage for housekeeping is $32.20 an hour, with a lot of people living in households making $100,000 a year or more.

But for those earning between $50,000 and $75,000, the average wage is $24.49 an hour.

And, for those who earn between $75 and $100.00, the median pay is $25.08 an hour and is only slightly higher for people who earn less than $75 an hour than it is for people earning more than $100 an hour — which makes sense, as the study notes, because the median salary for the lowest-paid employees is only $15 an hour compared with the median for the highest-paid workers.

But while the study shows that a lot people live in households earning $100K or more, the researchers also noted that “more than half of households with incomes in the $75K to $125K range have household managers who work an average of 25 to 40 hours per week.”

They also noted, “While the median household manager in the United States works a 40-hour week, only 17% of the U.S. population works an average 40-plus hour week.”

Housekeeping jobs include cleaning, laundry, dishwashing, cleaning, and dishwashing and dishwashers.

The study is based on interviews with about 2,400 people and their responses to questions about their household manager experience, job satisfaction, and job satisfaction with the company they work for.

The report also includes information about the average hourly wage, hours worked, median hourly wage and median hourly salary.

The median household income for all households in the U-S-18 survey is $63,928.

The median household salary for people with a household manager salary of $50K or less is $52,931.

The average household income in the lower income brackets is $61,836, while the average household salary in the middle and higher income brackets stands at $62,737.