Housekeeping cleaning jobs to go from 10,000 to 15,000 in California

HAVANA TIMES — The Housekeeping and Household Clothes Division of the Department of Labor will be getting an upgrade as it transitions to a new home care provider.

The department will now be able to accept a new employer for home care services.

The move comes as the state’s unemployment rate continues to climb.

The Department of Workforce Development said in a statement that it is adding about 5,000 positions in the Home Care Department to ensure that it can offer more home care to the population.

The job openings are to help housekeeping, cleaning, and other home care jobs to move from 10 to 15 employees, the department said.

This is the latest hire in a number of recent hiring moves by the state.

Last month, the Department announced it was hiring 4,400 new positions to cover the needs of a variety of agencies in the healthcare and social service sectors, including public assistance, food assistance, education and social services, and welfare assistance.

The state’s economy added nearly 1.2 million jobs in February, according to the latest state labor statistics.